Dr. Cheng Ruan

Busy Doctor Uses GetHealthy to Increase Supplement Sales by 150%

GetHealthy is an innovative growth platform that helps practitioners increase their influence, impact, and income. Grab the case study to see how it works.

Dr. Tom O'Bryan

“GetHealthy. Store has broken the mold for Practitioners on supplying  the widest diversity of specialty nutrition at the most competitive prices, with the least amount of hassle. Revolutionary concepts in the industry that truly is a win/win.”


Integrated eCommerce and Marketing to Grow Your Practice

Practice-owned and branded eCommerce store

100% free set-up.

A done-for-you solution

We’ll handle customer service, warehousing, fulfillment, and integration with your clinic.

Beyond supplements

Categories include food/nutrition, equipment, testing and more. Plus, practice-branded products and protocols.

Dr. Cheng Ruan

“Our online store profits increased 150% in teh first year of opening our GetHealthy.store.”

Dr. Cheng Ruan, Client

Dr. Joel Kahn

“I love their marketing support, and my patients love the quality products.”

Dr. Joel Kahn, Client

Dr. Cory Rice

“I love the ability to have our private labels in a convenient online store.”

Dr. Cory Rice, Client

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